Practice Areas

Dr. Beam provides personalized analytics services custom to your organization. Generic models run with other people’s data can’t give you the same results as your own data can. She will work with you to frame and solve your own challenge, with your own data. She is also available for speaking and training engagements.

CPA firm

  • Analytics training and professional development seminars for your staff
  • Custom review of your clients’ data to identify ways to improve their results with analytics

Startups needing a data science boost

  • Get your programming team “un-stuck” by applying the right algorithm at the right time
  • Consult on data and algorithm design for new features


  • Custom segmentation: use your own customers, your own sales records, and your own product to identify your very own niche. These are not ‘canned’ commercially available clusters; these are real-time, custom clusters reflecting your particular customers, your special target audience, and your proprietary marketing strategy.
  • List scoring: numerically identify most promising customers, before you invest in reaching out to them
  • Churn models: predict when your customers are going to quit before they actually do

Surveys that Need to Work Harder

  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: get statistically accurate results to validate results and year over year performance changes
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: what do your satisfied customers have in common which differentiates them from your dissatisfied customers?