"When my largest life sciences client came to me with a complex, multi-variable question about their leading seminar series and how to increase attendance, I immediately turned to Carrie Beam Consulting. I knew they could help me unravel the problem at hand without oversimplifying it. Carrie did excellent background research, built a powerful and clear model to project the likely outcome of changing the seminar schedule, and delivered clear tools for the client to use on an ongoing basis. She was always prompt, always on deadline, and always within budget. I recommend her work and that of her company very highly."

— Hugh Kennedy,
Partner, PJA Advertising & Marketing

“Carrie Beam Consulting provided a level of data analysis and presentation that we simply could not have done in-house. I'm so glad we partnered with them— outsourcing the data analysis allowed me to focus on what I do best, which is branding.”

— Lou Sena, SenaReider

"We came to Carrie with an idea of the type of customer satisfaction data that we would like to gather. Carrie provided invaluable guidance and collaborated with us to help build a survey and analysis tool that will help us grow to the next level. With this tool, we can address our customers' critical business issues and make changes to our internal organization to ensure we support our customers' changing needs. Carrie helped us save time and money and proved to be a critical part of the team, and we would absolutely hire her once again."

— Robert Rodriguez,
CEO, and Founder, Cambria Solutions